M-5 Softflex

Composite Core

Reliable template made from a highly flexible material. This fin is safe, durable and ideal for softboards and novice riders learning to surf.

Optimum weight range: 65kg - 80kg

Composite Core Composite Core

Composite Core construction combines the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process with a moulded glass and resin core insert to produce a lightweight fin with superior tip flex. The core insert increases the overall thickness of the foil ensuring hydrodynamic efficiency, a stiffer base and dynamic flex response through the tip.

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Base icon Base: 4.37" / 111mm

Depth icon Depth: 4.55" / 115mm

Area icon Area: 14.76"² / 9525mm²

Sweep icon Sweep: 33.0°

Foil icon Foil: IFT

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